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What kind of text can I add to the container?

You can add any text you like, up to 25 characters. This could include names, dates, a special message, or even a short inside joke.

What font will the text be in?

The text will be in a clean, that is easy to read. We will show you a sample before finalizing

How long will it take to get my customized container?

Please allow 15-20 business days for production and shipping.

Can I cancel or return my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot cancel or return customized orders once they have been placed. Please double-check your text before submitting your order

Do you offer gift wrapping or packaging

Yes gift wrapping or packaging is offered. With over 150 Options to choose from

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Client Gifting

Choosing the personalized ceramic containers for our wedding was a brilliant decision. A year later, our guests continue to enjoy and utilize them, reminding us of our special day. The custom text below adds a unique touch, making it a memorable gift of our weddings

Vihaan Agarwal

Everyone Loved it

Originally, we planned to include traditional sweets as part of our wedding invitations, but opting for these ceramic jars proved to be a wiser choice. Not only did it save us money, but the jars also received unanimous praise from our guests, adding a touch of elegance and practicality to our invitations

Shena Amina

Elegant jars

The ceramic containers we shared at our wedding brought instant joy, and that joy is evergreen. Friends and family still enthuse about these practical and beautiful gifts, weaving them seamlessly into their daily lives. Our wedding information below each container adds a timeless touch, ensuring these gifts remain perpetual reminders of our special day

Raman Naidu

Evergreen wedding memories

Shifting from perishable items to these ceramic jars for our wedding invitations was an inspired choice. Not only did it eliminate the worry of our gifts spoiling, but the jars also elevated the overall presentation, providing our guests with lasting mementos that they could cherish long after the event.



Ceramic jars outshine dry fruits as a superior gifting choice. They offer lasting utility and evoke cherished memories, surpassing the fleeting appeal of traditional offerings. Their practicality and sentimental value make them a much better option, ensuring a gift that resonates long after the occasion.

Chavvi Agarwal

Much better than Dry Fruits

Your Gift will be CreativeAwesomeBeautifulLiked

Choosing ceramic containers for bulk gifting for our 25th-anniversary invitations was a remarkable decision. The timeless elegance of these ceramics perfectly captured the essence of our enduring love story. Our guests were enchanted by the quality and beauty of the products, making our celebration truly memorable

Best Give

Aashya and Karthik Srikanth

The thoughtful gesture not only deepens our connection with clients but also fosters mutual respect and trust. Through meaningful interactions sparked by these gifts, we've witnessed remarkable improvements in communication, collaboration, and overall satisfaction, paving the way for long-lasting partnerships.

Quality Gift can me a big Difference

Manoj Khanna

Affordable yet awesome gifts redefine value, offering a perfect blend of practicality and delight

Affordable and Awesome

Priya Patel

Choosing thoughtful gifts strengthens bonds, builds trust, and shows respect. By giving meaningful gifts regularly, we create strong, lasting relationships with clients, partners, and colleagues.

Helps in builting good relationships

Rajesh Sharma