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Based on 155 reviews
size if ideal

the size of the bowl is very good. they are sturdy and good quality

Lotus Flower Blue Handpainted Designer Ceramic Serving Bowls set of 2

Wowww these loooooks sooo premium

Wowww these loooooks sooo premium

unique and stylish

very good quality the lid is light.


Loved the basket. Very useful and sturdy. Good value for money


A smooth, glazed finish. The lid fits properly

Sturdy & Functional

The quality is super surprising. good size

Quality is top notch

Quality is top notch

very light

Fit and finish of the product is so good.

good size

Great for storing food fresh and adding a touch of nature to your kitchen

good size

the size is good

good quality

good quality

good quality

Grey Pottery is a nice find the quality and price both are good.

Tropical Leaf Wooden Bowls

The ceramic bowl is nice and with good finishing.
The only issue is with the lid ,its heavy and the vacuum makes it difficult to open.

Super service,and very good quality products.

Bought bowls with lid.
The wooden lids are excellent quality and the bowls look gorgeous and classy.

Looking forward to buy new collections

Ceramic Black Round Geometric BIG Bowls

great addition to any kitchen

stylish and functional